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The Three Main Challenges of Modern Marketers and How to Solve Them

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

As digital continues to evolve, marketers are facing different challenges. Although the goal of selling a brand or product remains the same, some teams have issues with data integration, while others are having trouble keeping their team’s up to date.

Whatever the case may be, there’s always at least one area that you can stand to improve. In other words, there’s always room to optimize the various components of your strategy and make your marketing efforts more impactful on your bottom line. Which is especially important now, as the world has fast tracked digital modalities.

As a leading digital academy that trains hundreds of modern marketers annually, these are three main challenges that we are seeing them face today and how to solve them:

Providing the ROI of Your Marketing Activities

Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of your marketing activities has remained a top marketing challenge globally year-over-year.

It is vital way of marketers to evaluate their performance and justify budget for the marketing efforts. No ROI, No budget.

Why is it a challenge? Lack of communication or data integration between marketing actions and sales outcomes.

What can you do? Dedicate time and efforts to establishing links between marketing activities and sales results. This means using both marketing software and a CRM solution, and then tying them together to close the loop between your marketing and sales efforts. This will allow you to directly see how many leads and customers are generated through your marketing activities.

Training Your Team

As companies grow and technologies continue to evolve, training your team will become a greater challenge for modern marketers.

Whether it's training them on the concepts and tools they'll be using every day or making sure they're achieving their full potential, the struggle is real! Many modern marketers lead teams that may have different levels of expertise, making it difficult for them to speak the same language.

Why is it a challenge? Most teams are already over saturated with work, even burned out, making it a challenge to find the time to learn and stay up to date in their spare time.

What can you do? First, understand where your team stands, take the time to assess each of your team members' marketing strengths and weaknesses, levels of expertise, and passion/commitment to your company. Then, create a culture of learning and provide them the time and tools necessary to succeed. In terms of trainings, there are many options available online that require self-study and discipline. However self-study presents a problem, there is no skin in the game. Students are signed up for courses and have trouble allocating the time, while not seeing the training as a business priority. In addition, the training is not customized to the individual’s specific needs and the business challenges as they see them. The solution is for companies to make the time for trainings within their working hours and hire an outside professional to customize and formalize the training process. At Hueya, this is our specialty. We offer a range of bootcamps that cater to digital marketing and sales teams that could be a great option to consider.

Organizational Structures

Very often, many areas in the organization have an overlapping interest in the area of digital experience, leading to failure to organize efficiently for the new global marketing environment. 56% of modern marketers agree that coordination between digital and traditional marketing teams is more challenging than five years ago.

Why is it challenge? Out-dated organizational structures lead to silos and lack of coordination among teams, resulting in additional costs and loss of income opportunities.

What can you do? As digital continues to evolve, so does your team structure and processes. Companies need to adopt adaptive strategies that consider constant revisions of workflows, team structures, and profiles. Education and company culture are essential to ensuring adaptability in evolving team dynamics. People need to be continuously learning what is happening in the digital landscape and companies need to create an open culture that fosters growth and change.

In a nutshell, a comprehensive analysis of your marketing strategy and its current performance will help you identify where your biggest marketing opportunity lies. This will allow you to focus on improving the areas that need the most attention, so you can start making your marketing far more effective.

At Hueya, we are committed to preparing modern marketers for the evolving digital world, while building the sales, leadership and data analytics necessary to achieve digital success in today’s virtual world. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization.

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