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Educate to Innovate: Our Strategy for Growth


Our process involves a deep dive into your business’s digital marketing, identifying growth avenues and leading an education-centric approach to strategic refinement.


Our approach is a synergy of data-driven precision and human-centric insight, crafting strategies that reflect your business's distinct digital marketing needs.

AI in Marketing


Our educational programs are crafted to turn knowledge into actionable strategies, fueling business innovation and growth.

Evolve or Fall Behind: Is Your Business Ready for the AI Shift?

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping industries, businesses can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines. The integration of AI into business processes is not just a trend but a critical pivot to maintain competitiveness and innovation. However, the journey to AI adoption is fraught with challenges that require strategic navigation.


AI in Marketing

Digital IQ

Our service thoroughly evaluates your marketing strategies, pinpointing key areas for enhancement. We then provide strategic recommendations focused on optimization, educational advancement, and workflow improvement to boost your marketing effectiveness.

Digital Academy

Our Digital Academy program offers intensive bootcamps and workshops in key areas such as digital marketing, analytics, and leadership. It's designed to significantly upskill your team, preparing them for success in the evolving digital marketing landscape.

AI in Marketing

AI Marketing Toolbox

The AI Marketing Toolbox is an extensive program designed to integrate AI seamlessly into your marketing operations. It provides both a strategic blueprint for AI utilization and a detailed training curriculum, laying the groundwork for your transition to AI-enhanced marketing strategies. This program aims to not only infuse AI into your marketing ecosystem but also to ensure its effective and ethical application.

It’s all about a collaboration.

A few words from our clients. 

Navigating the digital landscape is crucial in our industry. Hueya’s digital marketing program has been a game-changer for us. It provided not just tools, but also the strategic insight necessary for effectively marketing in the digital age of music.

Hector Rúben Rivera

Head of A&R, Warner Music

Knowledge keeps us awake, gives us life, gives us security, makes us shine.  Thank you, Hueya!

Laura Oneto 

Account Manager, NBCU

I have rarely had the opportunity to have a training so well structured, though-out and well tailored.  I can tell you that we all enjoyed it and learned every week.  I learned something new in each module and I am sure that my team did as well.

Carlos Escobedo

Country Manager, A&E Ole 

Our Clients

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