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Unlocking growth within the dynamic digital realm.

Elevate your organization's digital expertise through a suite of innovative solutions, designed to propel you forward with strategic guidance and comprehensive education.

Digital IQ

An innovative assessment tool designed to elevate an organization's digital capabilities. Through comprehensive internal and external interviews, detailed analysis of existing materials and tools, and the application of our proprietary knowledge assessment methods, we offer a deep dive into your digital proficiency. Our approach culminates in a thorough analysis and a strategic roadmap, laying out both immediate and future priorities. 

Digital Marketing Academy

A comprehensive learning platform tailored for organizations aiming to enhance their digital marketing literacy and skills. This program offers a variety of courses and workshops, expertly crafted to meet the evolving digital needs of businesses. From basic digital fundamentals like digital strategy, social media, content marketing, and programmatic to advanced data and analytics, our curriculum is designed to empower teams at all levels. 

AI Marketing Toolbox

Unlock the power of AI in marketing and sales with our two-pronged approach.  Our toolbox consists of two dynamic components:

  • Workshop: We will guide participants in analyzing their current marketing workflows, highlighting opportunities to integrate AI to improve productivity. It focuses on creating a framework and guidelines for safe AI usage in marketing, emphasizing data safety and risk management.

  • Training Program: Gain hands-on skills in AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, tailored to your organization's workflow and needs for marketing and sales productivity.

Our Work

Explore our case studies to see how Hueya's bespoke digital marketing solutions have driven success for industry giants.

Client: Disney

For Disney, Hueya crafted a specialized "DIGITAL SALES WORKSHOP" for their Ad Sales Annual Meeting. This three-day virtual workshop, tailored for over 300 attendees, was focused on enhancing understanding of the digital media landscape in Latin America.

Furthering our engagement, we introduced the "DIGITAL ACADEMY" for Disney's Ad Sales team, involving over 200 members. This program consisted of ten 2-hour custom training modules, delivered virtually. The curriculum was designed to be highly interactive,

 incorporating weekly pre-reads, team assignments, and relevant industry examples. The training culminated in a challenging yet rewarding assignment: teams were tasked with creating and presenting a digital media proposal for a brand.

Client: Sony Music

Hueya's collaboration with Sony Music was a strategic endeavor aimed at elevating their digital marketing prowess. Our engagement began with "DIGITAL IQ," a comprehensive assessment of Sony Music's digital marketing team. 

This deep dive evaluated their performance, pinpointing areas for enhancement. The partnership evolved with the "DIGITAL ACADEMY," where Hueya developed and delivered ten custom 2-hour training modules. 

These sessions, attended by over 25 team members, were not just informative but highly interactive. We integrated pre-reads, weekly team assignments, and real-world industry examples.

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